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Interested in taking part in the event? 

Display My Car

  • €20.00 per car (Up to Friday, June 16th inc driver + 1, extra passengers €10 each. Commemorative plates  must be booked separately before this date.

  • Display cars should be at least 20 years old unless entering with a one marque club or by prior invitation.)

Chrome_Classic_Car_Stock_Image10 copy.png

Sell My Car

€50.00 (Single vehicles only,

all signs must be inside the car.

Inc driver only.

Chrome_Classic_Car_Stock_Image1 copy.png

Late Entry Fee

  • €25 per car (After Friday, June 16th) -  Entries can be made online up to Friday, June 30th. 

  • A limited number of entries will be available at the gate up to 10am on the day subject to space being available at a cost of € 30 per car.

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